TOP Message

We have established nano-microparticle technology.
We will continue to take on new challenges and evolve.

We are a drug discovery Bio-venture company that develops therapeutic agents for various diseases by making full use of our unique nano-microparticle technology. We are also working on the development of efficient and scientifically rational preventive medicinal products to build a body that is less susceptible to illness by utilizing the technology cultivated in drug discovery research and development. Our strength is that we can promote drug development in a wide range of disease areas by linking pharmaceutical companies, academia, and in-house developed ideas with our unique technology (nano/microparticle technology) platform. We will apply our technology to create new products using compounds that have been discontinued due to side effects and low efficacy, as well as nano-sized and micronized new compounds or drugs whose patents have expired (by “converting” or “transforming”” them into a new drug product). In particular, re-tailoring existing drugs will shorten the lead time from drug discovery to launch, enabling eco-friendly drug development. It is also a technology that improves the potential of compounds, the technology feature that we are largely focused on. We are also expanding the technology cultivated in the drug discovery business by adopting it to the preventive medicine business. Supplements for preventing illness and maintaining health and nano-sized natural pigments that can improve food safety have already been put into practical use and are widely used. We are proud to develop products based on the use of solid technology. To realize the corporate philosophy of "contributing to the health of the people and the welfare of the world" by promoting the drug discovery and preventive medicine businesses, we will create in the Kyushu/Okinawa area a center of excellence for drug discovery and nano/microparticle bio-ventures. Through chemical technology, SENTAN Pharma will continue to take on challenges and evolve. We look forward to your continued support and cooperation in the future.