Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

SENTAN Pharma Inc.
CEO Masaaki Matsubara
We fully recognize the social mission of protecting personal information treated by all divisions. Your personal information will be kept in a manner to protect your rights following laws and regulations. We build a system to protect personal information to meet our policies as indicated below. We declare that we shall continue to improve our personal information protection management system, with full attention to the latest IT technologies, changes in social requirements, and business environment surrounding us.
  1. Personal information will be obtained, used, and provided on a need to know basis only for the rightful conduct of our business, employment of employees and the personnel affairs of our Company. We will take all measures required to prevent personal information from being disclosed.
  2. We comply with laws and regulations, guidance and other rules set by the government for personal information protection.
  3. Personal information will be secured against any risk of leakage, destruction, or loss. Necessary management resources shall be allocated to system development to improve the personal information protection system and to remedy any breach without any delay.
  4. Any complaints or consultation regarding personal information protection will be properly accommodated in a prompt manner and in good faith.
  5. We will properly review the personal information protection management system taking changes in the environment surrounding the Company into consideration, to facilitate the improvement of the system.

All employees will be provided with, be aware of, and comply with this Policy. We will use our best efforts to ensure that this Policy will be available anytime to anyone who has access to this website.

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