Preventive medicine business

What is “preventive medicine”?

Preventive medicine is based on the idea of “building a mind and body that is less likely to get sick, thereby preventing illness and maintaining good health.”
We will contribute to the realization of a healthy and long-lived society by developing safe and secure preventive medical foods.

Contribution to global health with our unique nano- and microparticles technology.

The “SENTAN platform” also has potential in the field of food development. Our original product “Foodicle” is the world’s first edible nanoparticle. The absorption rate and permeability were maximized by making the target ingredients and extracts into nanoparticles.
 ※“Foodicle” is a coined word that combines “food” and “particles,” and is a registered trademark of our company. (Registration 6142053 and Registration 6142054) 

The absorption rate of brown rice extract, which is difficult to be absorbed by the body in its natural form, and that of curcumin, which is the main component of turmeric, can be increased using a Foodicle. The absorption rate of brown rice extract was 16.1 times that of normal brown rice, and that of curcumin was increased by 47 times. Evidence-based health foods can be developed for efficient assimilation of desired ingredients by the body. In addition, by nanonizing natural pigments, it is possible to obtain an even color with only a small amount of pigment. Foodicles enable food development that does not rely on artificial colors.


New product “Brown Rice Foodicle” development brought about using a new technology

In the case of Brown Rice extract extract

In the case of Brown Rice foodicle (made by our company)

Brown Rice foodicle

Applying technology developed during drug discovery to food

One packet per day, 30 packets per box
The “Brown Rice extract” specific to Brown Rice, which has been attracting attention in recent years, was prepared as nanoparticles. By preparing “Brown Rice extract,” which is difficult to be absorbed into the body in its original form, as nanoparticles, the absorption rate was increased to 16.1 times that of normal Brown Rice, and was observed to be efficiently assimilated by the body. The granules are palatable and are therefore are easy to ingest. They can also be easily dissolved in various drinks.

Applying for and obtaining a patent for use in targeting the intestinal-brain axis
It is known that the brain and intestine are closely related via the autonomic nervous system and humoral factors (e.g., hormones and cytokines). This bidirectional relationship is called the “brain-gut interaction” or the “brain-gut axis” (from the Gut-brain Society HP).
The “Brown Rice Foodicle” has been researched and developed for improving the balance of intestinal flora and improving the symptoms of addiction, and a patent has been applied for and obtained for use.

Registration No. 6895656 "Intestinal bacterial flora composition ratio regulator"
※Patent for improving intestinal balance

●Patent pending
Japanese Patent Application No. 2018-231249 "Treatment for Alcoholism"

●Conducted efficacy and safety tests
A human study conducted in 2017 found that drinking brown rice hoodicles increased "adiponectin" in the body.
"Adiponectin" is a good substance that has been attracting attention recently.


【Human test results】

CBD Nano Powder

What is CBD Nano Powder?
As it is a fat-soluble nutritional component, it is insoluble in water, and products based on edible oils (MCT and hemp seed oil) are common. In that case, it will take some time before it is absorbed by the body. “CBD Nanopowder” has been successfully developed into nanoparticles of CBD to improve absorption efficiency.
It dissolves in water and, as a result, is the reason why you can easily feel the effects of CBD.
By taking CBD as “CBD Nanopowder,” a formulation that can be dissolved in water for quick effect of CBD, the effect can be felt very efficiently.
By preparing fat-soluble CBD, which is difficult to absorb, as nanoparticles that are water-soluble, the elution rate is greatly improved.

Alternative to synthetic colorants, Monascus foodicle

Nowadays, there is an increase in health consciousness and synthetic colorants used in foods are being actively replaced by natural colorants.
For example, the natural “Monascus pigment” is used in many foods instead of artificial synthetic coloring agents to obtain a red color.
However, coloring with “Monascus pigment” has the drawback of uneven coloring, fading, and the fact that it cannot be used for coloring unless it is used in large quantities.
At our company, we have succeeded in even coloring with a small amount by converting the natural “red yeast pigment” into nanoparticles.
Currently, cod roe products using our “Red Jiuqu Foodicle” (1ZIRUSHI TAKADA-SUISAN “Snow Cod Roe”) are on sale, and we are receiving inquiries from various companies such as fisheries and meat products manufacturers.