Message from Research Scientists


Patient-friendly and enables accurate treatment

In recent years, drug discovery using new modalities (new materials) such as mRNA, siRNA, antisense, and peptides have become popular; however, these compounds are rapidly decomposed in vivo and have low mucosal absorption; therefore, novel pharmaceutical formulations are required. For example, long-term sustained release injection using biodegradable polymers may be useful. This formulation can also be applied to conventional small-molecule drugs and enables administration by daily injections to be replaced by a gentle and more accurate injection once every 1 to 3 months. As a result, the patients’ compliance (treatment adherence) is improved. We established a system that can quickly implement a bridge between the formulation design and GMP production suitable for various drugs.

Director :
Hiroaki Okada, Ph.D.
Director of Okada DDS Research Institute Co., Ltd. / Professor Emeritus of Tokyo University of Pharmacy developed "Leuprorelin ®" while being enrolled at Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited